Sunday, 23 August 2015

Welcome Lynn - boys are busy building in Room 17!

Nice building Lynn...
"Check my garage out, it can fit two cars and has a power door!" said Ty.
"Look at my train with 3 trailers!" said Bryston.


  1. Welcome Lynn to Pt England. I hope you enjoy your time with us. Great job building Ty and Bryston!

  2. Louise Niu-FangalokaAugust 28, 2015

    Beautiful smiles Bryston and Ty, just like this beautiful day and your beautiful Teacher, Ms Wild! Love your garage Ty, we hope to have a double garage to park our cars in just like that when we buy a new home! Wouldn't it be awesome to ride in an open trailer on this sunny warm day, aye Bryston? What fun times you are having in class! Woohoo!

    1. Room 17 and Ms WildAugust 28, 2015

      We love you for posting on our blog and noticing the work we are doing.

      Thank you soooo much!!!

  3. Louise Niu-FanglokaAugust 31, 2015

    You are so welcome!! Keep up the great fun in class and do share it online, love to see what awesome stuff you guys are doing!!


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