Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Munchy Crunchy Rabbit

My munchy crunchy rabbit is going to eat the GIANT carrot.
He's got an itchy, twitchy ear and he is going to eat the GIANT carrot to 
make it feel better.
Can you see the baby carrots trying to grow big like their big brother carrot?
Next he's going to boing away with his carrot! Go Mr Rabbit!
By Ty (dictated to the teacher)

Hunting Tigersharks

"The tigershark and his buddy the swordfish are hunting for food. 
Watch out little fish - they might eat you for breakfast!!!
The seaweed is tickling Mr Tigersharks tummy and his tail. 
He is laughing, BUT, then he will crunch up the little fish..." said Suade.
By Suade (dictated to the teacher)

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Cheeky Bunny

Look at cheeky little bunny popping up from his rabbit burrow.
Maybe he is looking for a carrot. 
Maybe he is looking at the pink butterfly flying around his bunny ears! 
By Latiana (dictated to the teacher)