Thursday, 24 September 2015

Life Education and Harold the Giraffe

Harold and Lynn came to teach us about healthy eating and taking care of our bodies so we can be healthy, happy and strong.

Listen to our talented children reading their stories to you about the food pyramid and how it reminds you what to eat...

Captain Cashtastic came to Visit...

After we had done some learning about money with Captain Cashtastic he set Room 17 some knowledge questions to see what we had learnt.

Keyana was brave and showed she knew how to order money correctly from the LEAST amount to the MOST amount....sooooooo

Look at Captain Cashtastics face!!
He can't believe how clever Keyana is.
She 'graduated' from his class and earnt a power bracelet.

We learnt this saying about managing money -

 "Speed to your needs, and WAIT on your wants."