Saturday, 15 March 2014

Camp Kai. . .

 On our hikoi around the camp we saw some kai capers going on. . . 

We watched carefully to try and guess what they were making. . .

Then we went back and wrote more on our camping story.

I saw kids cooking on the field with a BBQ.
They put flour, milk and corn in a bowl and mixed it up.
The camp kids were making corn fritters!

Class co-constructed story by Class 21.

Our Year 6 Camping story.

We went for a hikoi and saw some team work going on to get the tents up and ready.
When we got back to class we wrote about this.

Today we saw blue igloo shaped tents on the school field. They are for the camp kids.  
Co-constructed by Class 21

More amazing art from the cherubs. . .

Monday, 10 March 2014

Things we can do to be awesome Pt Englanders. .

We have been learning about things we need to do to be awesome at school and ready for our learning every day. . .look at these amazing pictures!!