Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bumpy Buffalo The Survivor!

My buffalo is a survivor because he battles with his horns and bumps rocks and animals. Bumpy is a meat eater, so that means he's a carnivore.
He's feeling angry because the zebra told him off for being 'Bumpy the Bully' to the other animals.
Do you think you know why he is called Bumpy Buffalo???

By Israel. (dictated to the teacher)

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Dreaming of Tonga By Motekiai

"When I was asleep I dreamt about going to Tonga on a plane and surprising my Aunty Mama by cleaning her back yard and her room!
Tonga looks small when I'm in the plane, but, when I get closer it looks ginormous!!! 
Guess what?  I really AM going to Tonga on a plane in 2 weeks time. Yahoo..."

By Motekiai (dictated to the teacher)

Mike the Baby Giraffe

"My giraffe is going to eat some crunchy juicy leaves from the tree.
He uses his tall neck to get the leaves from the top of the tree like a ladder!
He is a baby giraffe and he is still growing. 
Thats why he still needs to eat lots of leaves," said Suade.

Cheeky Cheetah

Exodus said "Look at my spotty cheetah lying on the log. Do you think he is sleeping in the right place? He MIGHT be waiting for his friends, or something to eat!"

Monday, 23 November 2015

Amazing Art - Are these artsmart kids really only 6 years old?

We have been learning about including details in our artwork so that the pictures look as real as possible.  What do you think about the childrens artists eyes?
My Carnivore
By Keyana
Cinderellas Castle
By Latiana
Me and my Dog
By Lynn
My Tuatara
By Atawhai

Friday, 6 November 2015

Amazing Animals

Here are our animal money tins we made at Makerspace!
Matua Wyllis gave us a plastic cylinder and we had to create our animals.
Chaun said "My one is a Tyrannosaurus Rex like a T-rex."
Exodus said "Mine is a turtle and I painted the shell blue."
"My money box is a spotty leopard, and I can put my money in it and save it up. I am saving up for some toys," said Petero.