Friday, 29 August 2014

Rangi at the beach with her flag

This is my New Zealand flag they are in the sand at the point england beach. We learnt that crounties have flags.

Alla in the garden

This is me and I am in the garden playing with the tree.
Do you like my garden?

By Alla.

Julia harold

This is Harold our giraffe buddy.
He is beside his caravan because he is taking a break
from being a teacher. . .
By Julia.

John with horold

"This is Harold the learning giraffe. He is outside of his classroom truck. He is at my school and I LOVE learning about healthy food and feeding my brain and body!!!," said John.
(Dictated to the teacher)

Listening, listening. . .

"Hi my name is TJ and I am the one thats in this picture.
 I am outside at school and I like to listen to my teacher", said TJ.

Precious pictures

"Class 21 went to the races and Miss Wild looked at us proudly.  I love to win", said Rangi. 

(Dictated to the teacher)

Mini Commonwealth Games Champions!!!!

Hi there. 

Its Sabrina from Class 11 (Year 4) and I was in Class 21 today.
Miss Wild asked me to interview the medal winners from the Team 1 
mini Commonwealth Games.

The WHOLE team (120 kids) went to Lloyd Elsmore Park in Pakuranga 
to take part as an athlete just like the real asthletes at the real Commonwealth games in Glasgow this year.  Listen to Eva, Lee and John as they tell me their story!!!   By Sabrina