Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Ronald McDonald came to visit....

Ronald told us a story about searching for his red and white stripey sock. He acted walking to Pt England school and told us how to be safe around roads and traffic.
You can see that Ronald found his sock AND he taught us a poem to help us remember how to be safe.
 He told us to STOP at every 'sneaky driveway' and remember to look and listen in case a car was coming out of the drive.

STOP, LOOK and LISTEN when you cross the street.
Use your eyes, use your ears BEFORE you use your feet.


  1. I loved it when I Ronald came to school and taught us about road safety. I can remember the poem even now!!! From Motekiai

  2. Louise Niu-FangalokaAugust 17, 2015

    Wonderful work Ronald Mcdonald, and you did really well Motekiai remembering the STOP LOOK and LISTEN on our way to the car after school. Excellent way to always remind to be extra extra safe when walking along footpaths and crossing the roads!!


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