Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Faith and The Chrysalis

Today Faith bought a surprise to school for her friends in Room 17.
We looked very carefully at the chrysalis and drew pictures in our writing books.
Then we wrote a story as a class....

The Chrysalis  

Faith bought a swan plant branch to show us.  

It has an amazing chrysalis on it!    By Room 17


  1. marsha hoetaMarch 07, 2016

    it looks like you are all having fun this year with miss wild. my daughter paulah talks alot about what she is learning, she loves reading and spelling.also she was really excited about the chrysalis, keep up the great work room17 il be looking forward to seeing more blogs.....

  2. What the hek is that

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  4. Hi Faith
    I like that you surprised your friends in room 17 with chrysalis. Also with how you showed room 17 a swan plant with a chrysalis on it. It looks beautiful, just like you. Where did you get it from?


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