Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Dreaming of Tonga By Motekiai

"When I was asleep I dreamt about going to Tonga on a plane and surprising my Aunty Mama by cleaning her back yard and her room!
Tonga looks small when I'm in the plane, but, when I get closer it looks ginormous!!! 
Guess what?  I really AM going to Tonga on a plane in 2 weeks time. Yahoo..."

By Motekiai (dictated to the teacher)

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  1. Mote that is a funny dream of yours of you tote to go to Tonga get a job at tonga then mote that was a gock was it funny and amazing home of yours do you live their of you do cool home is you home aeshely have a Green roof no bote has a green roof in lave love and from israel


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