Monday, 11 May 2015

Birthday Boy Bryston

A big thank you to Mr and Mrs Bennett and Bryston for bringing an amazing chocolate cake, lollies and balloons for Room 17 to celebrate Brystons 6th birthday!

Happy 6th birthday Bryston!!! Thanks for sharing the love...


  1. Happy Birthday Bryston! How fun that you were able to celebrate in class with all your friends! Mmmmm! That chocolate cake sure looks yummy! Keep being amazing!

  2. Hi Room 17 Cherubs
    Happy Birthday Bryston,Hope you had a good one by the way The cake looks yum.

  3. Hi Bryston, I hope you and a great time i am a student from tamaki primary school and that look like a yummy cake keep it up.

  4. hay Bryston its me mahara your uncle that cake looks yum and happy Birthday keep it up

  5. Keyana. R.H.PDecember 01, 2015

    Amazing birthday Bryston

  6. Happy brthday Bryston


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