Thursday, 3 July 2014

Class 24 came visiting!!! Pyjamas at School??

What a surprise Class 21 had today!  
Our friends from Class 24 came to visit, but, they had a surprise for us. They forgot to wear their school uniform to school and they came in their funky pyjamas...awesome.

Thank you for the great photo Tipelio.
By Class 21.


  1. Thank you so much for letting us come visit Mrs.Wild and Class 21! It was so fun for us to see you all so hard at work! Tipelio, you are an amazing photographer! Mrs. Moala

  2. they all look like they off to save the world lol awesome job you doing Miss Wild.You don't just open your class door to all our kids you seem to open your heart to them and us parents too,as well as bring the Mana(pride,strength)out of our tamariki so honored to have you as a teacher for my daughter/s.


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