Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pancake Art

As you may have read, we made pancakes with Miss Barber last week.
Look at the artwork some of Class 21 created
showing you the equipment and ingredients used.

"I am reaching for the ingredients to make another penguin pancake.
Can you see my golden penguin pancake waiting for me. . .?" said Kitione.
The cold metal bowl is waiting for the ingredients. By Tipelio.

"Look at my pancake maker, spatula for scraping the cold metal bowl, the butter, eggs, flour and salt. Ready to rock!" said John.


  1. Hi class 21
    you guys made my mouth water reading your writing and looking at your pictures. I wish you saved me one . Keep up the great work guys.


    1. Kia ora Isara - thanks for your post - come visit again soon!
      Arohanui - Class 21.

  2. WOW Class 21,
    That was an amazing blogpost about PANCAKE. I bet they will taste delicious if you made them. I hope you make some for me. Don't you think that it would taste nice? Well I do Keep posting wonderful Post. Your great at it.
    Mary H

    1. Thanks Mary H. Visit us again soon!!
      Arohanui, Class 21


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